Can we store ammunition in Gun Safe?

The proper ammunition storage is just as important as storing all the weapons that fire it. Decent care and regular maintenance of your ammunition will help to determine the function of your rifle. If you ignore the proper storage of your ammunition it is not just a waste of money, but it can prove to be very dangerous because of the possibility of serious damage increases. Just like proper maintenance of your rifle will ensure hire functionality and safe usage, the same goes in the case of ammo.

Taking the basic steps to save your ammunition in the right condition will help preserve it and maintain it in a good order. So you can properly use it when the time comes to use it in a gun. In this blog we are going to talk about the top best ways to store your ammunition.

Where can I get a gun safe from?

When it comes to obtaining a gun safe, you have several alternatives. While gun stores may carry a limited selection of safes, you may also buy safes from locksmith shops and online. While the price of a typical safe may seem costly, some vendors specialize in renovating old or broken safes and reselling them at a discount. Other vendors will accept trade-ins on safes and resell them at a discount.

We would recommend you to visit the trusted locksmith in your town and get a safe for your gun. Don’t just buy it from a random shop due to quality and safety issues. Cheap safe locks don’t last for a longer time and usually start to corrode after just one or two years. There are also several brands offering online locksmith services to their customers. This is another great way in which you can make a wonderful safe customized according to your preference. You can also save quite some money by getting a safe made by online locksmiths as well.

Once you have the safe at your home, you can easily store your gun and ammunition in it. You can buy 9mm ammo from several websites or from your local gunsmith. Just make sure to get the safe size according to the number of ammo that you are going to store. There should not be a dearth of space to store all the items.

Consider These Points Before Getting A Safe

Building a safe for your gun is important and it is even more crucial to know about a few things. To make things work out in the best manner, you have to pay a lot of attention when building the safe. If this is your first time getting a safe for your gun, then you should consider a few points mentioned below:

  • Weight
    The overall weight of the safe determines your safe’s position. Generally, safes weighing less than 1,000 pounds are reserved for the second floor or basement of the home. Ascertain that your stairs are large enough to accommodate the size of the gun box or safe you’ve chosen. Safes weighing more than 1,000 pounds must be installed in a stationary position. These safes are substantial, and mounting them poses possible dangers if they are dropped. If the safe is too heavy, it can be a big issue to deliver it to the top floor of a building. However, companies today use a lot of different technology and equipment to make sure that their customers receive the safe at.
  • Type of Door
    Another critical consideration is the type of door on your safe. There are numerous gun safes available, each with a unique door design. Internal hinges that open at a 90° angle are the most popular type of safe. Other safes use external hinges that pivot 180 degrees. The door of the safe should be flexible enough to open whenever you need it. If the door is too heavy, then it can be really difficult and inconvenient to open it. That is why you should talk to the locksmith very well regarding the overall weight of the safe door.
  • Convenient Storage Locations
    A gun safe that takes an excessive amount of time to access will be rarely used. Complicated concealment tactics and extended distances limit the safe’s effectiveness. Keeping the gun safe in an easily accessible area is critical to protect yourself and others in an emergency. As a general guideline, position your gun safe at least two feet away from your bed, just as you would the best-rated handgun cabinet. It provides you with sufficient space to utilize your weapon and deters intruders from causing damage to your home. Also, if the safe comes with a key you should make sure that you store it in a place where you can easily remember. Or you should write down the code safely on a piece of paper which is not accessible to anyone else.
  • Recognize the Ammunition
    Ammunition is best kept in its original packaging. It can be as simple as storing it in the shipping box in which it arrived. Unless you are positive you will be at the range within the next day or two, never open the boxes and empty the contents into a Gun Safe. To be sure, having 500 9mms in one ammo can is rather impressive. However, the ammunition is significantly more susceptible to damage due to handling and exposure to the environment. Your ammunition’s shelf life is determined by the way it is stored. When selecting a storage location for ammunition, aim for dark, dry, and cool areas – not cold. A firearms safe is good. However, you should avoid extremes such as cellar storage or munitions storage in the attic.

    Regular temperature changes in the home are acceptable. While heat is not very harmful, temperature variations can result in humidity and condensation. Consider how your glasses or camera become fogged up when you move from an air-conditioned home to a sweltering garden. You do not want to expose your ammunition supply to these extremes. Moisture corrodes gun powder.

  • Organize Your Ammunition Storage
    Stack the original boxes on shelves, on the floor, or in a large MTM plastic box to keep your stored ammunition orderly. Ammunition Organizing is critical. Handgun ammo should be kept separate from training and service loads. Storing shotgun shells is more complicated. If the ammunition storage is organized properly, it will help you to easily find the right bullets whenever you need them with convenience. Ask your locksmith to design the safe with a few racks inside the safe so that you can easily store a few other precious things inside it.

Final Words

Storing your ammo is essentially important just like storing your gun. If your ammunition is not in the best condition then it can be a serious problem for you later on. A gun safe seems to be the best storing place for both your gun and its ammo. There are different kinds of sev that you can purchase or customise one for yourself as well. Depending on your preferences you can easily get hold of a safe without having to spend a lot of money.

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