Gun safe locks types. How gun safe locks work?

The lock to any gun safe has two different functions to serve. It needs to protect the guns and other belongings inside the safe, and it also needs to ensure the safety of one’s family against casual accidents. Goes without saying, a safe is as sound and solid as its lock. Primarily, there are 2 types of locking systems in a gun safe —Mechanical and Electronic.

How do Mechanical Locks Work?

Mechanical Safe Lock

A safe with a mechanical lock is a safe that you must have witnessed on your TV screens. A traditional wheel is attached to the safe. One needs to spin it to identify three numbers which are quite essentially the passcode to gain access to the safe. To begin with, a person will have to spin the lock 4-5 times to clear the last code. Once done, one will have to spin the lock around four times to the left for the first code, three times to the right for the second code, twice to the right again for the third code, and finally spin to the left until it catches. As you can tell, it takes a fair amount of time to gain access to a safe with a mechanical lock.

Some safes also have usual mechanical key lock: you can use key to open the safe, just like you open the door at your house.


How do Electronic Locks Work?

Electronic safe lockAn electronic lock is a metal or plastic pad, where you need to enter the predetermined security code to gain access to the safe. Once the code is entered, the internal lock releases, allowing the handle to be turned open. For those who don’t know, the predetermined code can be changed anytime as per the safe owner’s will and wish. An electronic lock provides quicker access to one’s firearms compared to a safe with a mechanical lock. Therefore, it’s the usually preferred mode of storage for self-protection weapons. Though it is called Electronic, it does not require power to be connected to gun safe, because it usually works on batteries, and the battery is enough to power the lock for several months.


Other Locking systems

Biometric gun safe

There are other locking systems as well that try to combine the best of both the world. These locks will incorporate both mechanical and electronic mechanism into their locks. The latest invention in the locking mechanism is the biometric lock. A biometric lock uses fingerprints to open a safe. It requires one to place their hands on the scanner for fingerprint reading. It’s considered to the safest out there because it would be next to impossible for anyone other than the authorized user to gain access to the code because no two fingerprints are the same. We’ve review some of the best biometric gun safes here.

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  1. It’s interesting to learn how safes can work. My wife and I want to make sure we understand our gun safe before we buy it. I will pass this on to her so we can learn how they work.

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