Personal firearm safety and storage tips

Protection is essential in the current world; there are numerous cases reported daily about insecurity. For this reason, a lot of individuals have taken the initiative of owning a private firearm for self-protection. The gun is considered to be the easiest way for quick defense; therefore, you are likely

to find guns in homes and offices for security purposes, for our family and property as well.
The guns come with a great responsibility; therefore, it is required that the owner of the private guns take good care of their weapons as they will be held responsible, in case of anything related with the firearm. There are various gun safety tips that owners can practice, to ensure that their weapons are well guarded. Improper using of guns can lead to fatalities or even death. Strictly follow the firearm handling policies and ensure that you abide by the law.

These are some of the guidelines on how your can store your firearm and use your gun safely.

Have a secured firearm storage

Basically, start by having secured storage place for your handguns. A small pistol safe can be the best place to store your weapon. They provide protection with all round the clock and this could protect it from mishandling by unauthorized individuals. Your rifle is secured from theft if stored in a rifle safe, as you are the only one who knows the codes to unlock the safe. Some people are obviously careless and may keep their firearms within their beds or under the pillow for easy access. Proper storage is paramount to enhance safety when you own a gun.

Select the best storage brands

Always ensure that you settle for the renowned brands when shopping for a firearm safe. If you are not a Rockefeller and have limited budget, I can recommend Stack On, Steelwater or Cannon. These are world famous brands that have not very expensive safes in their lineup and you will surely find gun safe for your money from them.

You should also consider size as you will need a spacious storage to accommodate your need. Safes with unique securing feature are the best to opt for. Best gun safes are fireproof and should be able to withstand high temperatures of 1200ºF for about a half an hour to allow for a response from local authorities in case of a fire or unfortunate incident.

Proper gun storage techniques

Before you store your gun in gun safes or in any other place make sure you unload it. This ensures maximum security if it happens that someone get access to your gun without your knowledge or by children. Most children are curious about guns and they will want to access them, by always keeping them unloaded you are protecting your children from accidents that might occur through shooting. You may have heard a story or instances where children by mistake shoot others because they were playing around with guns. To totally avoid such cases always try and keep your gun away from kids. Even if you don’t allow you, children, to get hold of your gun or rather play with them, there are good chances that they can access them. Do away with these cases by having safes that are secured and with you only having the keys or lock passwords.

Finally hiding your gun safe keys is what you need to do. A good number of safes use keys to open them compared to others which use lock passwords. Even if you have a biometric safe which is opened by your fingerprints, it usually has a backup keys which must be securely stored. If you have a safe that uses keys make sure they are only known and possessed by you and not any other family member. Keep the keys away from regular home keys like car keys or house keys. Keep your gun safe keys secure but have yourself easy access to them in times of need and emergencies.

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4 Comments on “Personal firearm safety and storage tips”

  1. Thanks for pointing out that it’s best to switch your gun to safe mode when you’re not using it. My dad is planning to obtain a concealed carry certificate. He wants to learn to use a gun so he can protect himself during life-threatening situations since he always goes home late at night. I will share this with him to make sure that he won’t end up hurting himself while using a gun.

  2. It’s important that you mentioned that there are good chances your children can access your gun even if you don’t let them play with it or see it. You want to make sure that it’s safely hidden away so that they can’t hurt themselves. I keep my ammunition in a separate location from the gun so that my daughter would have to find both. I think this drastically decreases her chances of hurting herself.

  3. I’m glad you pointed out how careless it is to store a firearm under our bed or pillow. My husband and I have been considering getting a firearm that we can keep in the house for peace of mind in case an emergency happens. Thanks for sharing this article and helping me understand why getting a gun safe would be beneficial!

  4. Thanks for explaining that firearms should be unloaded before they’re stored to promote safety. I’ve been wanting to buy a firearm and some accessories like a holster so I can keep it with me in sketchy situations for peace of mind. I’m glad I read your article and learned the proper way to store the firearm in my home.

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