Gun Safe Accessories

Not a lot is spoken about gun safe accessories. Most guys are like, ‘Why would I fork out more money when I have already spent hundreds of dollars on a gun safe?’ In my professional opinion, this is where there can be a huge disconnect. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to imagine a solution that’s more efficient at turning your gun safe into a more usable, functional, and efficient storage space. For those who don’t know, gun safe accessories range from gun racks, LED lights, anchor kits, and a lot more tools in between. You will discover their true value only once you use them in person.

On a general level, the use of gun safe accessories can expand the capacity of your safe, make the interior better, solve the humidity issue, reduce firearm wear and tear, and literally take care of every other woe that a gun safe owner may have. Believe it or not, I have bought a lot of crap over the years. Yes, I had my share of regrets too which apparently helped me separate the best from the junk. With my honest-to-goodness passion and countless year of experience in the industry, let me introduce you to some gun safe accessories that have measured up to my expectations.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

A gun safe dehumidifier controls the moisture inside a closed safe. They are designed to reduce the humidity inside a safe. Therefore, they are also used by museum owners to preserve all the prized possessions. Basically, a dehumidifier for gun safe is a heating device that raises the temperature in the air to preserve your firearms throughout the years. With that said, let’s dive into a few products that can get the job done for you.

  1. GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

The GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier is an easy-to-install small space heater that protects your firearms by keeping your safe dry. If it helps to know, the product is made in the US and not some far-fleet corner of China. Furthermore, this gun safe dehumidifier carries a lifetime warranty. Though it can be of different size from 12 to 36 inches, but it’s not suited for large safes that over six foot or more. Remember, it’s not going to dehumidify the entire apartment for you. But the 36-inch model protects perfectly one of my safes which is about 450 cu. feet.

GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier inside safe


  1. Stack-On SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

Stack-On SPAD-1500
This is a small, compact, and easy to use mini dehumidifier for your gun safes and cabinets. Stack-On SPAD-1500 dehumidifier is built with quality in mind. An overnight charge can last for several weeks. Better yet, it’s sold at a reasonable price point, and it works as advertised. I have been using this dehumidifier since 2014 without any hiccups. Yes, you can recharge this and use it endless times. My only grievance is that it’s a little hard to see the color, but the device does change color indicating that it needs a recharge.


  1. Packs of “Dry&Dry” Silica Gel Packets Desiccant Dehumidifier

Dry&Dry Silica Gel PacketsThese Silica gel packets dehumidifier can effectively absorb moisture in gun safes and other toolboxes that you may own. They do a good job at keeping your interior fresh and dry. Another good thing over here is that they arrive in small packs, so they can have many applications in one’s day-to-day life. You can choose “Dry&Dry” Silica Gel packets of any weight – from 50 to 500 gr, depending on your safe size. The only pitfall over here is that there is no effective way to tell when the pack needs to be rejuvenated. Other than this, the product does shine in all regards. I have re-ordered it a bunch of times!


Gun Safe Lighting

The source of illumination inside the safe makes it so much easier to see. Gun safe lighting prevents the guns from banging around here and there during times of quick access. Simply put, navigation can be a breeze with a proper gun safe lighting. Not to forget the fact that safe lights can also lit up the overall face value of the safe. Of course, the key is to get lights for gun safe that’s easy to install, affordable, and safe. So, let me introduce you to some harmless and reliable gun safe lighting system that won’t break your bank.

  1. Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light

Stack-On SPAL 300 Motion Sensitive LED Gun Safe Light

This a battery powered LED gun safe light (no wiring required) that can automatically light up your safe when the door is opened. Stack-On SPAL-300 has three lights heads, each with an LED light that is bright and directional. Unlike most of the competition, this one doesn’t give out a lot of heat. So, I found it pretty safe to use. Also, the battery life is quite good. I visit my safe dozens of time every week, and the battery is still going strong. I got this light kit around five months back. With the exception of the adhesive back, I am yet to find any flaw on this gun safe light.


  1. Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit w/ Motion Switch

Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit

Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit in safeIf you need something wireless, motion-sensitive, and ultra-effective, this interior light will fit the bill for you. It has 3 – 20″ fully enclosed LED tubes. It’s easy to install, and it illuminates my whole safe like nothing else out there. At the time of order, I was told that it could go well with any gun safe, irrespective of the brand/manufacturer. As far as the product concern goes, the price of Deluxe Gun Safe Light kit is a tad bit on the higher side. So, it may not be suitable for a budget gun safe lighting shopper.


  1. LED Safe Lighting Kit, (6) 12’’ Linkable light bars + Motion Sensor + Power adapter

LED safe lighting kit

Last but not the least, let me open the curtains to one of the bestselling gun safe lighting kit out there on the market today. This incredibly bright, motion-sensitive, and easily installable set of lights is the answer to effective light management inside a safe. The lighting strips shine at a perfect angle for best illumination. I only wish that the makers would have included some wire clips to hold the power cables to make safe owners life all the more easier.


Gun Safe Power Kits

Gun safe power kits are used to add power inside your safe. Besides electricity, which can be used for lights, electric humidifier, or to charge any devices, some power kits also have LAN and USB outlets. But be careful installing it to a fire rated safe, since it will reduce the rating. You can buy universal power kit, or the one specially produced for your safe. While we are at it, let me tell you about the gun safe power kits that I personally own for my Liberty and Stack On gun safes.

  1. LIBERTY SAFE & SECURITY PROD 11015 Safe Power Out Kit

Liberty Safe 11015 Safe Power Kit

This multifunctional safe power kit outlet enables you to power various electrical devices such as lights, hard-drives, dehumidifiers, and other accessories. It’s a safe power outlet that’s made in the US. The output kit works as advertised, but the instructions that come with the package can definitely be improved. Other than this, I can’t find anything to bitch about this power outlet kit.


  1. Stack On SPAE-1401 Electrical Cord Accessory Kit

Stack-On SPAE-1401 electrical kit

Stack-On SPAE-1401 electrical kit packageThis version of the Stack-On electrical cord accessory kit is compact and easy to install, will fit perfectly to small gun safes. It will give you all the power needed to fire up your LED lights, dehumidifier, and other stuff of your choice. Upon proper care, this outlet can last for a decade. It works fine, but as a critical person, I had to mention this. The electric jacks are quite close to each other. You won’t be able to power two devices with wide plugs. As a personal preference, I wish they were more spaced out. Apart from this – Stack On SPAE-1401 is cheap, simple and quality product.


Safe Lock Lights

A gun safe lock light lets you open your gun safe in the dark without turning the lights on. The product is perfectly suited for guys who have planted their safe in the garage or any other dark room. As you might expect, no two safe lock lights are the same. Therefore, let me show you the safe lock lights that are a cut above the scope, so that you can get them without making any sort of amateur mistake.

  1. Cannon Safe Inc. SSL-03-Electronic Lock Security Safe Light

Cannon Safe SSL-03 Electronic Lock Safe Light

This is a simple to use, push-button operated electronic lock light that’s powered by 3V lithium battery (included). It’s designed to work on any electronic lock out there. No leg work is required for installation. Cannon SSL-03 Electronic Lock Safe Light has a magnetic back for easy and instant installation. Also, it comes at a low-price point that anybody can afford. Moreover, the lights stay long enough for me to punch in the codes even on days when I am slower than usual. But, as the battery starts to wear off, the lighting cycle decreases. The only solution over here is a timely replacement of the battery. So, don’t wait till the battery is completely out of life.

One may complain about the magnet being not strong enough. Well, it could be stronger. This is really the issue with some of safe lock lights. But on the other hand, you may not worry about your credit cards being demagnetized inside the safe. I don’t keep cards in my Cannon gun safe, so I used two small neodymium magnets, and this device stays in place very good.


  1. Liberty Electronic Lock Security Safe Light 10930 Magnetic Gun Safe Accessory

Liberty Electronic Lock Security Safe Light 10930 Magnetic Gun Safe Accessory

If you need to open your lock in the dark, this gun lock light is worth considering. Liberty 10930 Electronic Lock Safe Light has a good 2-minute lighting cycle which is enough to open the safe. The included 3V lithium battery has a lifespan of 750+lighting cycles. The magnet of this lock light is a tad bit weak, just as in the previous product. So, I choose to mount it with Velcro. Other than this minor issue, this gun safe lock light works as advertised. I attached it above the keypad on my safe in the basement, where there is not enough light in any part of the day, and the red light it produces works great and doesn’t effect your eyes in the dark.


Fireproof Bags

How did fireproof bags enter the picture? Since most people use gun safes not just to secure their firearms but also other valuables such as important documents and jewelry, I decided to touch upon this as well. Generally, I use fireproof bags to store important documents. Well, fireproof bags will let your valuable documents survive fire, moisture, and water damage if your gun safe is not equipped to do so. Let’s discuss my recommendations in a nutshell.

  1. COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag

Colcase fireproof document bag 11"x15"

This product is sold with a 100% money back guarantee. I own a number of fireproof bags and personally I never had to return Colcase bag because it served the purpose of its purchase. Right off the bat, I could tell that the overall construction is solid, and it is big enough (11″x15″) to even fit my laptop in it.

After I first bought this bag I decided to subject it to test. I kindled a fire in an old bucket and put this bag into it to check its fireproof ability. It did get hot, but none of the materials inside got burned, so this is really fireproof. I’m very happy with it and use it to store important documents. The manufacture says that it is also water resistant, but I didn’t test it in water. The price very reasonable, so I got no real grudges about this document fireproof bag.

  1. Fire Resistant Document Bag by OnShield 12” x 11”

OnShield Fire Resistant Document Bag 12"x11"Made from top-quality fiberglass, this fireproof bag would be the perfect home for safeguarding your valuables inside a safe. As such, it’s advertised as a fire and water-resistant bag. I haven’t tested it on fire or water, but it does appear that it will survive the heat. Also, the Velcro strap on this product is the strongest that I have seen in a fireproof bag. My only complaint—It’s a little smaller in size, so you won’t be able to save a hell lot of things inside the bag.


Fire and Waterproof Bags

The fire and waterproof bags mentioned below offer the best protection against elements that are outside our control. During times of hell, they offer the best bang for one’s bucks. Let’s discuss a couple of top picks on the market today.

  1. Fireproof and Waterproof Bag with Reflective Band by Avlone

Fireproof and Waterproof Money and Important Documents Bag with Reflective Band and Double ClosureThis is a perfect document holding fireproof and waterproof bag for someone who likes spacious interior.  There is a zipper on the top and the velcro closure. The material is soft (inside and outside) and durable. Double protection, generous size, non-itchy coating, light weight, reflective band, and lifetime guarantee are some of the distinct features of this bag that set it apart from the crowd. It looks and feels like a good quality bag. I didn’t test it myself and I hope I will never see if it works or not, but it looks as a sturdy and quality product. My wife uses this bag to carry documents to the bank and she likes it. First of all because it is not black and fits the color to her car:)


  1. Fireproof and Waterproof  Pouch by Kinbon

KINBON Fireproof Waterproof BagThis is another large capacity, high temperature resistant fireproof and waterproof document bag. It’s lightweight, and it has a nice handle. Therefore, it’s easy to carry around. Since the day of purchase, it has been providing strong protection for my deeds, bank files, and real estate documents. That being said, the opening is a bit tight which makes it a tad bit difficult to insert large-size documents.

Gun Safe Door Organizers

A gun safe door organizer lets you maximize the space inside of your safe. As such, a gun safe organizer fits on the back of the safe doors. Some of the new gun safes already come with door panel organizers, but the majority of them don’t. Therefore, stick around so that I can reveal the best products in this class.

  1. Stealth MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Stealth Molle gun safe door panel organizerStealth Molle gun safe door panel organizer pockets

With plenty of pockets, this is a versatile, durable, and customizable safe door panel organizer. What I really like about the product is the fact that the arrangement opportunities seem infinite. With this Stealth MOLLE door organizer, you should be in business within few minutes. That being said, it may block the usage of some pockets if you choose to store a rifle in it. On the whole, this product is apt for its purpose. The tens and hundreds of positive reviews is a testimony to this fact. I use this organizer on my Steelwater gun safe and share all the positive reviews – this product is worth buying.

  1. SPIKA Small Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

SPIKA Small Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer    SPIKA Small Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

Though it is called “small”, but its’ size is 14×48 inch (actual height is 46.5 inch) ,and the width can be adjusted up to 19 inches. Spika door organizer is available in different sizes from 12 to 19 pockets along with some room to hold additional long guns. Basically, several pistols can be saved in this organizer. The overall structure makes it really easy to drop in the items.  This organizer is easy to install – it took me about 2 minutes to hang it on a stack on safe, and looks heavy duty. A word of caution over here: Do not overfill any of the pockets as it may prevent proper closure.

Other Accessories

Over the years, I have accumulated a bunch of other gun safe accessories as well. Some of them have really pleased me to death. One of the gun accessories that’s really functional and useful is the gun safe security cable. I have been using a security cable for well over five years. For those who are not familiar, a gun safe security cable helps you secure your safe to just about any location. I have reviewed the Gunvault gun safe security cable below to give you a better idea about this gun accessory and about the product itself.

  1. Gunvault BB3000 6-Foot Gun Safe Security Cable

Gunvault gun safe security cableThis is a high strength steel cable with 1500lb test capacity that can help one secure their safe in one’s desired location. Gunvault BB3000 security cable works with a bunch of safes, and it’s long enough to attach to just about any object. It’s small, sturdy, and perfect enough to slow down intruders trying their luck at your safe. Furthermore, it’s quite cost effective too, and can be installed quickly within few minutes without frying one’s brain. The quality of the cable is second to none. It required a sturdy set of cable cutters to separate the cable from the vault. Overall, it’s a perfect companion to go with any gun safe out there.


Unlike other reviewers, I didn’t have to scavenge the web to get you this information. Given my decades of experience and passions for guns and related accessories, I have literally tried and tested just about every gun accessory out there. Not to forget the fact that I do own a gun safe retail store too. So, it won’t be an understatement to claim that I have a clear edge over others. Nevertheless, I was happy to open the mystery box that gun accessories are for most people out there. I am sure you guys will adore the minefield of information shared with you for a relatively short investment of time.

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